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Red Roses-6


It has layers and its red, all elements that a beautiful frock needs. From the red 3-D flower on the belt to the red organza overskirt embellished with pearls, everything in this dress is amazing. Your daughter can wear this on her birthday or any other party event!

Age group: 3 – 6

Dream Lux-7


Pearls and – flowers! The purple organza overskirt and a beautiful trail at the back makes this the perfect dress for your little girl.

Age group: 3 – 5

Dream Lux-6


The organza bodice embellished with white flower patterns is amazing. The leafy overskirt is created with sheer sparkly purple fairy organza. It is beautiful and – perfect!

Age group: 3 – 5

Pinky Ponky-7


We believe that every little girl deserves a layered frock to accomplish a fairy tale fantasy. With an embellished bodice and soft pink layers of tulle, this dress is a jewel your daughter needs to own.

Age group: 1 – 3

Pinky Ponky-6


The neckline of this dress is embossed with organza flowers. It has a sleek trail on the back and a glitter bodice. We have added multiple layers to this dress to make it the dreamiest for your daughter.

Age group: 1 – 4



Black and white – like everyone likes! The bodice has tiny black butterfly motifs and a black glittered lace around the belt. The white organza frock is beautiful with a thin white lace around the border.

Age group: 2 – 5

Red Roses-4


Its white and dark purple. The beautiful 3-D flower on the bodice is the best part about this dress. The trails and the fluff on this dress come on the second. You need this to make your daughter feel like a beautiful queen at party events or weddings.

Age group: 2 – 4

Frozen Ice-16


A checkered pattern is intricately embossed on the bodice with two small glitter bows. The tulle upper layer on the frock is embellished with tiny light-blue flowers. The underskirt has a light blue color, which makes the look of the dress sleek. The dress has a big glittery bow at the back.

Age group: 3 – 4

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